Nursing Vacation

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When I was a new mother years ago, a vacation is what I needed to escape reality but a nursing vacation is way different than that. A nursing vacation is a period, usually 36-48 hours where you and baby snuggle, get some serious skin-to-skin moments and breastfeed around the clock. 

Let me share some benefits of taking a nursing vacation:

1.  Milk Supply Increase

Skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding on demand should help your supply go up. If you feel your output is low or baby needs more milk, savor more together times and breastfeed often. Constant feedings and direct stimulation are a sure way to increase the suppply.

2. Nap and Chill

New moms like you need all the rest they can get. Assign someone to help you with your chores while you are on your nursing vacation.  When you’re not singing and cuddling your baby or breastfeeding, you can both sleep, rest and recover together.

3. Better Bonding

This is the time you can learn and discover your baby's cues on pain, attention, hunger and tiredness. You can unravel her like a book. This is easier said than done but it is possible. 

4. Safe and Healthy

Specifically, the best time  to plan a nursing vacation is our Christmas season in the Philippines. At this time, there are a lot of unnecessary microbes and germs going around and by taking a vacation, you can strengthen baby's immune system by skin-to-skin and more breastfeeding. You can also rest at this hectic time, too. 

Nursing vacation tips:

  • Relax. No stressful activities.
  • Sleep. Sleep with the baby.
  • Eat natural food and eat minimal processed food.
  • Schedule your nursing vacation when you have enough help/
  • Prep your meals and freeze them. Lactation cookies, pre-cut veggies and fruits, marinated meat and frozen soup/broth.
  • If you have other kids, telll your relatives or husband about your plans so that they can help by keeping them preoccupied.
  • Power pump
  • Prepare a nursing basket. Include everything you might need, food and drinks.


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