Formula Milk, that's easy!

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I am a breastfeeding advocate but I don't push breastfeeding down in someone's throat. And on that topic, I know all moms will decide if they will breastfeed or not. Some may decide to reach the 6th month mark and some will decide to let their child self-wean. Either way, in between, you may think of bottle feeding your baby, soon. 

I wrote this for moms who are pregnant or women who are about to pop. You may be preparing for your hospital bills and other needs, and that includes bottles, cleaning agents, clothes, bags, etc. in preparation for your decision to formula feed or not.

Just to give you a background, my eldest son was born in year 2008 just breastfed for a month. My husband and I didn't have stable income and we were just students. It was not the best days of our lives but our son brought  joy and we did everything to give him the best, and for us, the best was giving him the most exepnsive formula milk.

Based on the infographic I made, those figure and amounts are the cheapest , if not, the middle prices considering the new innovation on the market now. 


This blog is meant to inform and prepare each parent that choosing to formula feed isn't cheap and easy. You have to mentally prepare yourself with the long nights and focus whenever you prepare your baby's milk. 

Here are snapshots of WHO's step-by-step guide on how to prepare a bottle feed.

Now, it may be a hassle to prepare and follow those steps but you have to think of your baby's wellbeing and safety. The important thing is to always read the instruction label found outside the formula milk's can or box.

What I can suggest though is that before buying this infamous bottles, milk brand, teats and such, allot time to read the benefits of breastfeeding and how you can benefit from it. Breastfeeding is rewarding physically, financially, mentally and emotionally. 

I pray that when you read this, you pray and let God guide your journey. Whatever you are going through, it will be all worth it!


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