7 Self-care Tips for Mothers

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It is the Mother's day month and guess who the heroes are for this month, us, mothers!

As per the famous English poet and journalist, Rudyard Kipling once said, "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." The quote is really true, we can be as compassionate as God, loving and even selfless, however, we get tired and our powers are limited. We usually rely on coffee and sweets for energy but still, it isn't enough. Even my coffee needs coffee. 


I am writing this to suggest some ways for you to breathe rather than the usual get out of the house tactic.

1. Have fun!

We all need to release the inner kid in us. Even as we age and have different responsibilities, there is no harm to laugh and release all the steam. 

You can:

  • Sing your favorite songs, you may use a mic or not for this. There are a lot of sing-along videos on the internet.
  • Dance along with your favorite tune. You may need a partner for this, pull your kids or your partner with you!
  • Watch a funny show.
  • Host a game night.

2. Let's get physical. 

Tiring it may seem but you know you have to move those muscles for your health. Just choose depending on your goals and your physical level.

  • Take a breather and walk outside.
  • Tend your garden or your house.
  • Do yoga or a session in the gym.
  • Ask a friend to join and train for a fun run or marathon.

3. Take a hobby.

This is a chance to finish something you haven't or even had started. This should something beneficial of your time like basic skills you can use at home or for a sideline.

  • Learn a new musical instrument, or master one if you already know.
  • Attend cooking lessons or seminars.
  • Learn a new sport or sports equipment.
  • Take art or craft lessons.

4. Exercise your brain.

A woman is sexy if she exercises her brain, it makes her young, too!

  • Meditate.
  • Answer sudoku or crossword puzzle books. 
  • Write a blog, a short story or maybe it is time to dust off your old journal and write your feelings out.
  • Read a new book.

5. Pamper yourself.

  • Visit a spa or facial center.
  • Book a massage appointment.
  • Soak in a hot bath.
  • Buy yourself your favorite flowers.

6. Just a friendly date.

Family is everything but you also need another person in your life to relate, cry and laugh with and nothing better than a friend.

  • Go shopping with a friend.
  • Join a moms group and attend a get-together.
  • Have a meal in a new resto.
  • Do a nature walk.

7. Relax and unwind.

  • Open a bottle of wine and prop your feet.
  • Choose a relaxing spot and just eat what you want, watch your fave show or just listen to music.
  • Use new nail polish or diffuse your new essential oil.

Having some time alone or with a friend isn't something to be guilty about. Females just bond and relate differently than males so we usually get along with another female who is not a relative of ours. It is best to plan ahead and make sure your family knows your plan so they can help out if it won't push through.


You deserve a break, God knows your troubles and your challenges, your kids and husband will be ok! Trust Him.


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